Why The Law of Attraction is Demonic

It seems like a lifetime ago when my world was consumed with manifesting, vision boards, Reiki boards, and LOA principles. Books on the subject lined my bookshelf, Gabrielle Bernstein’s teachings were my go to, and morning discussions on the latest Esther Hicks video were never missed. Back in the day, I sought everything (but God) to bring about goodness, riches, and love but in reality, it was just an escape from the emptiness that I constantly felt.

The funny thing is, I never followed “The Secret” I thought it to be amateur but I saw no problem with joining forces with all things demonic. Focusing on manifesting is not only limited and exhausting but it involves a shopping list of what the ego wants to get from the universe aka, Satan.

If you aren’t familiar, manifestation teaches that if you focus on something hard enough, strive toward it, and fully believe in it, then it will happen in your life. If you manifest your result in your mind, you will physically receive the same result in real life.

Here’s the thing, manifesting will not save an individual. It will do the complete opposite. Placing faith in Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection will provide security, salvation, and eternal life. Placing faith in manifesting will only lead to disappointment, false hope, and separation from God.

As Christians, we can not have our feet in two worlds. I’ll say that again, as Christians we can not have our feet in two worlds.  We are to live our lives directed by the Holy Spirit. God and God alone is our ultimate source for everything.  The Law of Attraction aligns with materialism and the promise that higher levels of success will satisfy your appetite, which is a lie. Once you get the thing you are after there is always an appetite for more. For example, they teach you to start with something simple like the desired parking spot. When that happens over and over again, you try for something else, something bigger, something that you can’t blow off as a coincidence and when that happens boy you think you have found that key to something special, but what you did was just sign a contract with the Prince of the Power of the air.

Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless. As goods increase, so do those who consume them. And what benefit are they to the owners except to feast their eyes on them? – Ecclesiastes 5:10-11

What the law of attraction is basically saying is that you and the power of your own thoughts, and NOT God, can manifest the thoughts, ideas, people, things, situations and circumstances that you choose to focus on and attract. It goes on to say that you can use the universe to control and manipulate anything, when you do this you are operating as if you are your own God. You are no longer going to God for the things of life but putting a foot into the world of another spiritual power that is not Jesus. The Law of attraction incorporates many Biblical principles but takes God out as the source. It disregards and does not acknowledge God but changes everything to a pantheistic view of God being everything or “the universe” or “positive energy force/higher power.”

Now the Spirit expressly states that in later times some will abandon the faith to follow deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons, influenced by the hypocrisy of liars, whose consciences are seared with a hot iron. – 1 Timothy 4:1-2

When we choose to practice the law of attraction what we are practicing is a form of witchcraft. It’s true, don’t believe the hype, don’t fall for the love and light packaging and please don’t fall for those like Gabrielle Bernstein. When you practice manifesting you are coming into agreement with demonic forces. What you do without even knowing it is you step back into the ways of the world and go under the “prince of the power of the air” in Ephesians 2:2. Under this Prince of the Power of the Air, aka Satan, his tools are spirits of manipulation, jezebel, seducing spirits, alluring spirits and even new age spirits that are working under the mask of the law of attraction.

Do you remember when the serpent said to Adam and Eve, “For God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” The law of attraction also operates under the assumption that you are a limitless being. The world’s culture has incredible value on the idea of life without limits and being limitless.  This is an attractive idea but is not biblical.  It is only God who is truly unlimited.

God answers prayers according to His will and in His timing. We cannot manipulate God to answer our prayers, nor can we control His timing. Sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers because He is protecting us.

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