What are you chasing?

The other day I was listening to a podcast and the speaker posed a question, “What are you chasing besides God?” My first thought was, nothing, I believe I always put Him first. But was I really being honest with myself….the answer is, no.

Proverbs 3 and Exodus 20 reminds us that God said, “You shall have no other gods before Me”. You may not be worshipping other “gods” but what are you putting before Him, before worship, prayer, meditating on His word ….. what are you chasing? what has your undivided attention? It could be that degree, new position at work, kids, spouse, a new relationship, that new goal weight, getting to the next level on the game on your phone, your dream of becoming a Pastor or Christian leader, checking off items on your bucket list, publishing your book or money. What is keeping you from putting Him first in your life? God is the only thing we can (and should) occupy ourselves with habitually. He alone is worthy of our complete attention, love and service. To offer these things to anything, or anyone, else is idolatry.

I honestly can say when I don’t put God first things just don’t seem right. For example, you know those mornings when you’re running behind, you don’t have time for that morning cup of coffee, breakfast and don’t even THINK about washing your hair. Things just begin to spiral out of control from there, leaving you spent and wishing for a restart button.

There was a time in my life when I chased all things but God. Life was hard, money was extremely tight, I was working two jobs and my relationship status was questionable. I felt discombobulated. I felt that once things settled down then I’d find the time to fit God in. Boy was I wrong. We commonly chase after dreams, careers, power, fame, riches, and even future spouses. Seldom do we chase God, but I realized when I put God first, everything in my life began to line up.

Remember, life on earth is temporary.

As you “seek first the kingdom of God” (Matthew 6:33) you will experience the blessed life God has planned for you. You’ll see His power actively working in you, through you, and for you. His blessing will affect every area of your life including your marriage, your family, your relationships, your health, and your finances. That’s the kind of life you can have when you put God first.

What are you currently chasing? How will you begin to place God before those that you currently have placed as number one priority?

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